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XA -06 to -12 R-410A Packaged Heat Pump
Nominal Capacities
78 to 150 MBH

11.0 EER / 3.2 to 3.5 COP

Compressor - 5 years
Parts - 1 year

XA -06 to -12 Packaged Heat Pump
The Coleman XA series offers flexible, single-package models with side and down airflow convertibility. A common footprint allows easy installation on a curb, slab, roof rack, or frame. Every unit is completely charged, wired, piped, and tested. Servicing is simple with a slide-out motor and blower. You'll also discover foil-faced insulation for improved IAQ. Two compressors and independent refrigeration circuits ensure reliability on 7.5, 8.5, 10 and 12.5 Ton models.

Special Benefits
  • Two cabinet heights (42" & 50 3/4") and a common 50-1/2" W x 80-5/8" D footprint means simple installation.
  • Convertibility for side or down airflow discharge, with single-enthalpy economizers used on either application.
  • Choose from a wide range of factory-installed options and standards like dirty filter switch, disconnect switch, barometric relief and power exhaust, phase monitors, smoke detectors, and much more.
  • Dual-circuit reliability of two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits on 7.5, 8.5, 10 and 12.5 Ton models.
  • Install these compact units almost anywhere there’s a curb, slab, roof rack, or frame.
  • Each unit is completely charged with R-410A—wired, piped, and tested.
  • All units are assembled and delivered on rigid, full-perimeter base rails, allowing for 3-way forklift access and overhead rigging.
  • Tool-free maintenance with features like hinged doors for all-access panels and slide-out blower and blower motor tray.
  • IAQ features like foil-faced insulation, pitched roof, and removable drain pan.
  • Can be ordered practically ready for immediate installation.

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Consumer Brochures
Consumer Brochure - Coleman Epoxy Polymer E-Coat Coil Coatings PUBL-7095-B-0814 1050 KB PDF
Consumer Brochure - Coleman Epoxy Polymer E-Coat Coil Coatings (High Quality Print Version) PUBL-7095-B-0814A 3544 KB PDF
Consumer Brochure - Outfitter™ Series 3 thru 12.5 Ton Single Package Rooftop Units PUBL-6519-A-1010 1215 KB PDF
Consumer Brochure - Simplicity® Controls for all 3 thru 25 Ton Products PUBL-6521-A-0910 1076 KB PDF
Consumer Brochure - Simplicity® Intelli-Comfort II™ and IntelliSpeed™ Controls PUBL-7197-B-0713 4743 KB PDF
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - XA-06 thru -12 R-410A Single Package Heat Pumps (Generation 6) 528198-BTG-K-1014 3413 KB PDF
Accessory Installation Instructions
Installation Accessories- 2SD04700824,924,1024 Smoke Detector Kits for Gen 5 and 6, 3-12.5 ton Pkg Units 559781-UAI-A-0210 1413 KB PDF
Installation Accessory-2SD04700624 Smoke Detector Kit for 6.5-12.5 Ton Generation 4 Pkg Units 559740-UAI-A-0110 149 KB PDF
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - 1FE0405, 1FE0406, 1FE0407 & 1FE0408 Flue Exhaust Kit Model 530.18-SD46C-1196 23 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - 1RC0470 & 1RC0471 Roof Curb 685096-CSD-B-0211 43 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - BA/XA-06 thru -12 Outfitter™ Single Package Heat Pump Units 268196-CSD-F-0513 724 KB PDF
CAD Drawings
CAD Drawing - XA, XP 030 to 060 R-410A MBH0196A.DWG KB PDF
CAD Drawing DXF - XA, XP 030 to 060 R-410A MBH0196A.DXF KB PDF
Application Data Sheets
Application Guide - Simplicity® Intelli-Comfort II Control System 997686-UAD-A-0213 294 KB PDF
User Manuals
User's Manual - 3 Thru 20 Ton Single Package Heat Pump Units 820900-UUM-A-1011 279 KB PDF
3-25 ton Packaged Product Low Leak Economizer, Jade and SSE Controller Update Webinar/Presentation LL ECON, JADE & SSE UPDATE (UPG) WEBINAR 07282014 V1 2800 KB PDF

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