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ZK -15 to -25 R-410A MagnaDRY Packaged Unit
Nominal Capacities
180 to 300 MBH

10.5 to 11.6 EER / 80% SSE

Compressor - 5 years
Heat Exchanger - 10 years
Parts - 1 year

ZK -15 to -25 R-410A MagnaDRY Packaged Unit
Coleman ZK MagnaDRY™ "Reheat" units are convertible single package high efficiency rooftops. With an additional humidistat the unit will remove moisture from the space without sensible cooling. All models have independent dual refrigerant circuits for efficient part load operation. Although the units are primarily designed for curb mounting on a roof, they can also be slab-mounted at ground level or set on steel beams above a finished roof.

Special Benefits
  • Reheat Coil
  • Environmentally Friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Simplicity Control Board
  • Scroll Compressors
  • Installation time and costs are reduced by easy power and control wiring.
  • All units are factory-wired, piped, charged, and tested prior to shipment.
  • Factory-installed options such as stainless steel heat exchanger, electric heating elements, supply and return air smoke detectors, disconnect switch, powered or non-powered GFI convenience outlet, single enthalpy economizer, power exhaust, high static drive blower motor, phase monitor, coil guard, dirty filter switch, hinged filter door, and tooless access panels further reduce installation costs.
  • BAS factory mounted controls include Novar, Honeywell, Johnson, and CPC. 
  • Gas and electric utility knockouts are provided on unit side and bottom for easy connections.
  • Convertible airflow design means no panel cutting is required.
  • Wide range of indoor airflows using belt-drive blowers.
  • Durable finish, made of powder-painted, galvanized steel to meet 750-hour salt-spray test demands.
  • Full-perimeter base rails are permanently attached to provide a solid unit foundation.
  • Compressor is internally protected against high pressure and temperature.
  • Grooved copper tubes and enhanced aluminum- fin construction improve heat transfer.
  • Heat exchangers are corrosion-resistant, with aluminized steel tubular construction for durability and long service life.
  • Permanently lubricated condenser and evaporator fan motor bearings need no annual maintenance.
  • Complete line of field-installed accessories, propane and high-altitude conversion kits, smoke detectors, CO2 sensors, motorized dampers, single enthalpy economizers, and dual enthalpy sensors are available.

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Consumer Brochures
Consumer Brochure - Simplicity® Controls for all 3 thru 25 Ton Products PUBL-6521-A-0910 1076 KB PDF
Consumer Brochure - Simplicity® Intelli-Comfort II™ and IntelliSpeed™ Controls PUBL-7197-B-0713 4743 KB PDF
Guide Specification
Guide Specifications - Simplicity® Intelli-Comfort II, with modbus Data Map 902074-UGS-B-1212 269 KB PDF
Guide Specifications - Simplicity VAV Optional 15-25 Ton Packaged Product Comfort Control System 407466-UGS-A-0508 212 KB PDF
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - ZW/ZK/ZS -15 to -25 Series Gas/Electric Single Package Rooftop Air Conditioners (Gen. 3 New SSE Control) 254605-BTG-AA-1014 2374 KB PDF
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - 1FK0401 Side Duct Flange Kit 258924-USD-B-1010 43 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - 1FK0402 Side Duct Flange Kit 258464-USD-B-1010 42 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - 1RC0437 Roof Curb 433506-CSD-C-0111 65 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - ZK-15 thru -25 Apex MagnaDRY™ Single Package Gas/Electric Air Conditioners 337207-CSD-F-0714 324 KB PDF
CAD Drawings
CAD Drawing - DWG -ZK, ZW, ZR, ZJ 180 to 300 R-410A AAU0041A.DWG KB PDF
CAD Drawing DXF - DWG -ZK, ZW, ZR, ZJ 180 to 300 R-410A AAU0041A.DXF KB PDF
Application Data Sheets
Quick Start Guide - Simplicity Smart Equipment Controls (SSE) Firmware Version 3.0 (Configuring and Commissioning Product) 1136326-USG-B-0814 633 KB PDF
User Manuals
User Manual - ZS, ZK, ZW (-15, -20 & -25) Single Package Gas/Electric Air Conditioners 66442-BUM-D-1011 302 KB PDF
3-25 ton Packaged Product Low Leak Economizer, Jade and SSE Controller Update Webinar/Presentation LL ECON, JADE & SSE UPDATE (UPG) WEBINAR 07282014 V1 2800 KB PDF

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