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HF 90 to 120
Nominal Capacities
90 - 240 MBH

10.5 to 10.7 EER

Compressor - 5 Year
Heat Exchanger - NA
Parts - 1 Year

Split-System Air Cooled Condensing Units (HF)
These units are ASHRAE 90.1 - 1999 compliant and come completely assembled, piped and wired at the factory to provide one-piece shipment and rigging. Each unit is pressurized with a holding charge of refrigerant-22 for staorage and/or shipping.
The compact design, clean styling, low silhouette, and quiet operation make these condensing units suitable for almost any outdoor location. On rooftop, because they weigh much less than a single package unit of similar capacity and are much easier to rig and support. At ground level, because their ample sub-cooling capacity allows them to be located 60 feet below the evaporator coil.
All sheet metal parts are constructed of commercial grade (G90) galvanized steel.  After fabrication, each part is thoroughly cleaned to remove any grease or dirt from its surfaces. The external parts are coated with a "desert sand" powder paint to assure a quality finish for many years. This UL approved coating system has passed the 750 hour, 20% salt spray test per ASTM Standard B117.
All models include a 1-year limited warranty on the complete unit. A complete line of evaporator blower units is also offered to meet your precise capacity and air handling requirements.

Special Benefits
  • Unit is ASHRAE 90.1-1999 compliant
  • The condenser coil is constructed of copper tubes and aluminum fins for durability and long lasting efficient operation
  • Permanently attached rigging
  • Both high and low pressure controls. Since these controls are self-contained, there are no capillary lines to be damaged.
  • Compressor line-break motor protection and crankcase heaters
  • Anti-short cycle timer to protect the compressor
  • A lockout circuit to prevent the unit from cycling on safety control
  • A 24-volt temperature control circuit
  • Low ambient operation to 45 F accessories for 0° F low ambient operation are available
  • A filter-drier (shipped in the unit's compressor compartment for field installation near the evaporator coil)
  • Service valves with a back-seating access port for pressure testing the system
  • Copper stub-outs are factory mounted on the suction and liquid service valves to simplify the field piping connections
  • Separate panel for easy access to the control box without affecting air flow across the condenser coil
  • Gauge lines extend out from cabinet to facilitate servicing
  • Optional coil guard accessory protect coils with a decorative grille

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - HF 090 Mbh Split System Air Cooled Condensing Units 036-21378-002-B-0703 340 KB PDF
Technical Guide - HF-10 Split System Air-Cooled Condensing Units 246685-BTG-D-1105 288 KB PDF
Accessory Installation Instructions
2PM04700124 Phase Monitor Accessory for Air Cooled Split System Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Packaged Units 11552-UAI-E-1112 86 KB PDF
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - HF-07 Split System Condensing Units 246855-CSD-B-0902 95 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - HF-25/HL-30 thru -50 Split System Condensing Units 271838-CSD-B-0906 1033 KB PDF
Submittal Data Sheet - Split System Condensing Units HF-10 036-22226-001-A-1002 31 KB PDF
CAD Drawings
CAD Drawing - DWG -HF, HA 090 ABJ0074A.DWG KB PDF
CAD Drawing - DWG -HF, HA 120 ABJ0075A.DWG KB PDF
CAD Drawing - DWG -HF, HA, HL 300 ABN0080A.DWG KB PDF
CAD Drawing - DWG -HF, HA, HL 300 ABN0081A.DWG KB PDF
CAD Drawing DXF - DWG -HF, HA 090 ABJ0074A.DXF KB PDF
CAD Drawing DXF - DWG -HF, HA 120 ABJ0075A.DXF KB PDF
CAD Drawing DXF - DWG -HF, HA, HL 300 ABN0080A.DXF KB PDF
CAD Drawing DXF - DWG -HL, HB 180 ABN0081A.DXF KB PDF
Application Data Sheets
Application Data - General Piping Recommendations & Refrigerant Line Length for Split System Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps 247077-UAD-H-0209 435 KB PDF
Repair Parts
Repair Parts - FF & LF -07, -10, EF & HF -07, -10 Indoor/Outdoor Split System Units 035-18950-001-A-0602 86 KB PDF
Warranty Information
Warranty - 1 Year UPG Parts & 5 Year Compressor 50.05-WC13V-0400 14 KB PDF

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