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Nominal Capacities
5 Tons

AC/HP Dependent

Compressor - NA
Heat Exchanger - NA
Parts - 10-Year Limited*

AHX61 - Single Piece Air Handler with Std ECM

The AHX61 air handler offers the ultimate in application flexibility. These multi-position model can be installed in downflow, upflow, horizontal right or left.  All AHX61 models are equipped with a factory installed TXV to provide the controlled refrigerant flow and efficiency.

Special Benefits
  • Thermal Expansion Valve - Provides the ultimate refrigerant control required for today’s high efficient product. The AHX61 has a factory installed TXV for refrigerant control.
  • Insulated Cabinet - The AHX61 model air handler cabinets are thermally insulated with 1/2” foil faced insulation to prevent sweating. For applications in extreme humidity conditions, optional models with 1" thick insulation may be ordered. 
  • Durable Finish Inside and Out - Air handler casings are made of pre-painted galvanized steel which provides a better paint to steel bond that resists corrosion and rust creep. All internal coil sheet metal parts are made of G90 galvanized.
  • High Efficiency Blowers - All models use high efficiency brushless DC motors to provide cooling SEER rating enhancement.
  • Electric Heat Kit - Installation friendly, easy service, more robust, with circuit breakers or terminal blocks, from 3 to 30 kW capacity.
  • Filters - AHX61 models have an internal filter rack provided.

*Must be installed on or after May 1st, 2009, and registered online within 90 days of installation. Otherwise, the warranty reverts to the standard warranty as published in the product warranty certificate.

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Consumer Brochures
Consumer Brochure - LX Series Single Piece and Modular Air Handlers PUBL-6259-C-0711 1169 KB PDF
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - Coleman AHX61 Series Single Piece Standard ECM Air Handlers 669803-CTG-B-0214 124 KB PDF
Installation Instructions
Installation Manual - AHX61 Series Single Piece Standard ECM Air Handlers 662067-UIM-D-0413 227 KB PDF
Accessory Installation Instructions
Installation Accessory - Electric Heater - ECL Series for use with Models: AHX61D4PH21 and AHX61D4P121 669864-UAI-A-1210 147 KB PDF
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - AHX61 Series Single Piece Standard ECM Air Handlers 665348-USD-A-1210 37 KB PDF
Repair Parts
Repair Parts - AHX61 Series Single Piece Standard ECM Air Handlers "Style A" 035-23070-001-C-0514 422 KB PDF
User Manuals
User Manual - AHX61 Series Single Piece Standard ECM Air Handlers 668915-UUM-A-1210 78 KB PDF

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