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Nominal Capacities
1.5 - 5 Tons

13 SEER (Up To 14 SEER)

Compressor - 10-Years Limited*
Parts - 10-Years Limited*

Echelon 13 SEER R-410A Horizontal Discharge Split System Air Conditioner (TCHD)

     The Echelon™ Series TCHD models are the outdoor part of a versatile air conditioning system.  These condensing units are ideal for virtually every residential or commercial application where:

  • Space is limited
  • Aesthetics is a necessity
  • Sound ordinances and proximity to neighbors demand ultra-quiet operation
  • Peak performance season after season is ensured

     These remarkably compact units requires minimal service and airflow clearances, allowing them to be positioned as close as six inches (6") from an obstruction.  This design allows the unit to be located virtually anywhere – on the ground, roof, balcony, under a deck, or mounted to an outside wall.  When installation footprint is limited, these units can be stacked two-high using the approved stacking kit.  Most models offer combinations that achieve Energy Star® efficiency levels.

Special Benefits
  • Performance - Efficiency levels from 13.0 SEER/11.0 EER with a loose coil up to 16.0 SEER/14.0 EER (some models) when coupled with an ECM indoor blower.
  • Small Footprint - Compact “slim-line” design allows for easy installation in tight spaces.  Units can be stacked two-high with approved stacking kit.
  • WhisperDrive™ System - The combination of a swept-wing fan, rigid base pan, isolated compressor compartment, and quiet scroll compressor reduce sound to as low as 70 dBA.
  • Low Operating Sound Levels - The swept-wing condenser fan in blow-through configuration provides for whisper-quiet operation by allowing air to flow smoothly and efficiently across the fan tips.
  • Quality Condenser Coils - The coil is constructed of aluminum microchannel tubing and enhanced aluminum fins for compact size and increased efficiency.
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant - The next generation refrigerant R-410A delivers environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion.
  • Durable Cabinet - Heavy-gage steel cabinet and tubular base rails provide added support.
  • Aesthetic - Powder paint “Champagne” color provides an attractive retail finish.
  • Agency Listed - Safety certified by CSA to UL 1995 / CSA 22.2.  Performance certified to ANSI/AHRI Standard 210/240 in accordance with the Unitary Small Equipment certification program.
  • Commercial Applications - The TCHD 3 Phase Series is also available in 208/230-3-60 and 460-3-60 voltages in the 2˝, 3, 4, & 5 ton models.

Other Features:

  • Factory supplied filter drier
  • High pressure switch, low pressure switch
  • Accumulator and crankcase heater in all sizes
  • Up to 200’ line set ready out of the box
  • Zero lot line - only 6” minimum clearance from structure

*Must be registered online within 90 days of installation to qualify for the 10-Years parts / 10-Years compressor limited warranty. Otherwise, the warranty reverts to the standard 5-Years parts / 10-Years compressor limited warranty as published in the product warranty certificate.  This warranty does not apply to R-22 models, 3-Phase models, or internet sales.  See the Limited Warranty certificate in the User's Information Manual for details.

Verify the actual ratings for each specific matchup in the online AHRI directory at at the time of sale.  It is also recommended to print the rating certificate, if needed, at the time of sale.

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Consumer Brochures
Consumer Brochure - TCHD Echelon™ Series Horizontal Discharge Unit Air Conditioner (13 SEER) PUBL-6200-E-1112 1313 KB PDF
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - TCHD18 thru 60, 1Ř Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioner (13 SEER) 556455-CTG-D-0414 369 KB PDF
Technical Guide - TCHD18 thru 60, 1Ř Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioner (13 SEER) 556455-CTG-E-0914 881 KB PDF
Tabular Data
Tabular Data Sheet - TCHD18* thru 60, 1Ř Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioner (13 SEER) 1105392-UTD-A-0514 87 KB PDF
Installation Instructions
Installation Manual - YCHD, TCHD Series 1Ř & 3Ř R-410A Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioning (13 SEER) 835963-UIM-C-0814 359 KB PDF
Accessory Installation Instructions
Installation Accessory - 2LA06700224 & 2LA06700424 Low Ambient/Pressure Kit 513433-UAI-B-0214 95 KB PDF
Installation Accessory - 2SA067* Hard Start Kit for 13+ SEER Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps 364024-UAI-E-0413 514 KB PDF
Installation Accessory - S1-HDSTACK01 - STACKING RACK 433082-UAI-A-0112 345 KB PDF
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - TCHD18* thru 60, 1Ř Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioner (13 SEER) 556722-USD-B-0612 126 KB PDF
Repair Parts
Repair Parts - TCHD Series R-410A Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioners, "Style A" (13 SEER) 035-22795-001-C-1012 390 KB PDF
User Manuals
User Manual - 1Ř and 3Ř Split System Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Units 813196-UUM-E-0314 119 KB PDF

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