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Total Comfort Systems - Steam Humidifiers
Nominal Capacities
15.8 / 35 Gallons per day


Parts - 5 Year Warranty

S1-HU12DS / S1-HU6DS / S1HU12RS / S1-HU6RS * Steam Humidifiers

We all have an investment in our health, home and its furnishings.  Protecting those investments from the dry air may not seem like an important task, but the effects of dry air are astounding.

The Coleman Steam Humidifier can help to eliminate your dry nose and throat, itchy, dry skin, cracking of expensive woodwork and floors and much more.

How Much Humidity is right? Calculate the total cubic feet of house:

  • Total square footage X Average ceiling height
  • Calculate the Load (lbs/hr):
  • Total cubic feet X Table desired condition
  • Gallons per day = Load (lbs/hr) X 2.88
  • Add 5% to humidity load per fireplace

Steam Humidifier Accessories:

  • S1-HURBKIT6: Remote Blower Kit - Optional Selection for S1-HU6DS
  • S1-HUDMKIT: Duct Mount Kit - Optional Selection for S1-HU6DS &
  • S1-HU12DS
  • S1-HURBKIT12: Remote Blower Kit - Optional Selection for S1
  • HU12DS

Special Benefits
  • Multiple Installation Options: Duct Mount – Room Mount – Remote Mount
  • 120V and 230V options
  • Self contained immersed electrode design
  • Disposable steam generating cylinder
  • High water level and foam detection monitoring
  • Drain Tempering
  • Capacities from 5.5 lbs/hr to 12 lbs/hr
  • 20% adjustable capacity from rated max output
  • Integrated AHU fan relay for on demand humidification
  • LCD display with numerical and icon driven menu
  • Constant control monitoring and diagnostics
  • Pure sterile steam delivering premium indoor air quality
  • S1-HUSTATAUTO Digital Automatic Humidistat

Safety/Inspection Notice
For Owners of Coleman®, Coleman® Evcon, and Red T Manufactured Housing Gas Furnaces

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